A little confession or insight into my personal life. It will be aimed at helping people not feel alone with certain things they are going through.

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Confession 2: I’d Rather Be Alone Forever Than Not Marry My Soulmate.

Relationships these days scare me. There is a lot of depth that seems to be missing. If it is not about the looks or even the cash, then it is about one benefit or the other. The elements of sacrifice, devotion and genuine intentions are missing. Everyone has become more selfish. The world is now a “me, me and more me” place. Some men marry women as trophies to be kept and brought out as needed and some women marry men just to have the “Mrs.” title. Marriage has now become a race and even a certificate to be shown as proof of being a competent human being. To be honest, I sometimes I see some couples together and I shout “how!” in my head


What Inspires You?

By Doyinsola Aluko   Today I was asked the question “what inspires you?” in a course I am currently taking this summer. At first I thought of the answer “life itself” then I realized how cliché that sounded. For some reason, this question that would have been easy for me to answer on a normal…