Unwavering Hope

By Doyinsola Aluko


The unnecessary sweating and necessary fanning caused by heat from the scorching hot sun
The endless laughter and gists flowing from neighbor to neighbor to add to the fun
The constant exchange of insults and greetings from one driver to another
The perfectly perfected act of cracking jokes and showing love from a sister to a brother
The impulsive desire to itch and massage the bites of mosquitos that joyfully feasted on our blood
The immediate display of praise and worship when we remember we have God
The back and forth bargaining and purchasing while in traffic or rather “go slow”
The fluctuating currency exchange rates and tomato price range that try to explain to us that before a high there is a low
This land is ours to enjoy and we shall ripe the benefits of all it has worked relentlessly for
Nigeria I will always be hopeful because I’m 100 percent sure we can be more


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