To Think or Not to Think

By Doyinsola Aluko


What the eyes see and what the brain remembers
Are kept independent of each other due to self-made barriers
We tend to mentally keep what pleases us the most
Irrespective of the badness or goodness of the visual dose
Sometimes the bad is what more visually appeals to our eyes
So we unconsciously or consciously scavenger hunt for sorrowful things in a cheerful guise
It’s easy to get carried away by things that make us feel comfortable
Forgetting the fact that comfort doesn’t always bring good options to the table
This brings me to the fact that we have power over how we deal with our lives
If we can filter so much mentally, why do we prefer to keep hurtful archives?
It’s easier said than done; to make a decision to let go of the bad
When we sometimes find solace in the memories of things that often make us sad


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