A Mother’s Love

By Doyinsola Aluko


It is said that one of the most amazing feelings in life is gotten through knowing that the person you have a special place in your heart for, also has a very cozy spot for you in theirs. The feeling that certainty gives is blissful. This is why the love between a mother and child is so special. No matter how much her child wrongs her, she’ll never want anything bad to happen to her little one and no matter how much she scolds her child, her child will never be able to let that erase the memories of the warmth and protection she has offered through selfless acts of love shown in the past. She will always have a lovely nest in her child’s heart and so will her child have one created in her heart. No matter how many children she has , she will always have a nest for each of them because to her, her heart was made to cater to their individual “love’s”.
Only God could think of a way to create a bond as powerful as this ❤️



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