Waiting is not the same as Wasting

By Doyinsola Aluko


Waiting isn’t the same as wasting

It is agreeing to remain the same without hesitating

We are tested in it just like in speed dating

A very rare occurrence many are still debating

Like a Nigerian would say “wetin?”

It no concern you why you dey come do as if you are participating

“If the clock doesn’t tell the time it is useless”

But I’d rather be seen as undefined than to be caught with shamelessness

The rain drops are so tiny but add up to create a mess

I don’t want a life where all I’ll sum up to will be a bucket of carelessness

Life is like chess

The weak ones stumble and fall because their initial aim is to play to impress

I say no need for hurry

“The one” is out there I will not worry

He’ll smile to the smell of my food flavoured with thyme and curry

We’ll share it all and never ever will I be sorry

I see the future and it seems to be worth it

Right now I lose but then I shall profit

In this game, my all I will not forfeit

The laughing world will then look at me and kind words they will vomit


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