The Poem of a Year

By Doyinsola Aluko



August was the beginning

Like its people, I was headstrong & unwilling

Thinking a lot; trying to stop my emotions from spilling

Uneven was the feeling; dangerous enough to harm another human being

Somehow September the home of the perfectionists took in

Harbouring my sensations and awareness to the fact I tried so hard to hide within

Thinking it was going to be one of the those affairs that never last and get lost like a dropped pin

But hey check your calendar and look how long it’s been

The wind of the land of beauties, October, came next

Yours words and intellect were playful and tricky in every context

My brain was still on vacation; you should have seen how my blood vexed

The head of my central nervous system wasn’t picking up his phone, so Mr. Red blood cell sent him a text

The message still didn’t arrive in November

Its mysterious inhabitants still remember

My club was never welcoming to the opposite gender

But now you’re a very active member

Oh the chill in December never slowed down its outgoing, optimistic people

Sorry back to how you kept our conversations plain and simple

Thoughts of you made me smile and trying to hide the fact was impossible; I blame my right dimple

Imaginations I had, made my heart crimple

January, January; this is when you called out your warriors to baffle me

This time I was missing my laughter and ability to be

Your availability and notice of me I could not see

This were the times I looked up to God and said “oh Lord I call on thee”

But February the month of love invited its friendly species

In perturbation I floated, trying not to drown in love overseas

Wanted to get into the doors of reality so bad, that I was determined to never stop looking for its keys

Eventually found a shortcut, then had to pay the fees

Interesting March with its imaginative followers made me to wonder, “hmmm… What does he see me as?”

Left that aside and focused on my attention borrowers; perhaps that took my mind off it a little also with the cooperation of a few chocolate bars

Unpredictable April and its powerful patriots blessed us with its presence

Leading me to come up with ideas I crossed off my list as soon as I realized their incompetence

I kept thinking “well if someone doesn’t want me then what’s holding on’s essence?”

Maybe letting go was the solution to my last sentence

Then came the month of the dependable occupants of May

It was very dry and action-less, what more can I say?

We became outsiders to each other then you tossed me at “stranger’s bay”

What could I have done to deserve treatment this flay?

Hot June, the accommodation of the intellectual multi-taskers, revamped my infatuation

I sort of forgot how I landed myself in this situation

Unusual of me to even want to deal with this kind of complication

Knowing space was needed I stopped my annoying traces of privacy’s invasion

Occupied in the empathetics’ home land July

Thoughts of my feelings made me realize this wasn’t a lie

Time couldn’t change the way my heart beats for you; it knew how to comply

Couldn’t act on it because we all know that if the other is not as into it, just spread your wings and fly

There’s something about you and August; you have to admit

12 months have gone and come but still September is encouraging us not to quit

It knows your charm last year forced me to submit

Wait a second, don’t think because you have my heart you are all I think about; ok maybe a little bit.


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